Misunderstanding The Adult Industry

In many ways I think that a lot of people out there misunderstand the adult entertainment industry. I have spoken to a lot of people who think that cheap London escorts are sex workers or prostitutes. Of course, that is not true at all and I think that we need to address that fact. London escorts are sexy companions who like to keep their gents company. I have not only worked for London escorts, but I have done other jobs within adult entertainment as well. One thing that we need to look at as well, is the classification of all of the different types of adult entertainment.

Looking at the adult industry, would you say that glamour and bikini modelling come under the adult industry? Lots of the girls that I have worked with at London escorts have been former glamour models or bikini models. As a matter of fact, most London escorts have such great bodies that they continue to model even though they work for London escorts. Most of the girls who do this, do not consider it as part of the adult industry. To tell you the truth, neither do I but I do think most gents do.

Are porn stars part of the adult industry? I think that most porn stars are part of the adult industry. When you speak to porn stars, you will often find that most of the girls do consider themselves as being part of the adult industry. It only makes sense as what they do is indeed very explicit. Overall, a lot of porn stars do have sex on camera and this clearly says to most people that they are adult entertainers. But where is the line? Some regular actors also do nude scenes. Are they part of the adult industry when they take their clothes off? It really makes you think doesn’t it.

Before I joined London escorts, I used to work as a hostess in a private club in London. I looked after a lot of gents and some of them I actually met again at London escorts. When I worked in the private club, a lot of people considered me be working within the adult industry in London. I never once thought about it like that. It is surprising how different we see things, and I think that it would be good to have some better defined lines on what is actually the adult industry.

Do a lot of people look down on the boys and girls who work within the adult industry? Sadly, I think that a lot of people still do that. But, in my opinion, they are hypocrites. From working at London escorts, I have got to meet all sorts of people. From my work at London escorts, I know that most people come in touch with the adult industry at some point in their lives. Ladies who buy sex toys can be accuses of using the adult industry for their own pleasure. Where do we draw the line? Maybe we should ask ourselves that question.

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