The Adult Business

There are more than one road to success if you would like to work in the adult entertainment industry. Most of the girls that I work with now at London escorts have been involved in many different type of businesses. The problem is that it is not only about making it big as they say, it is also about staying safe. I know that more than one girl at London escorts have picked up a stalker or guy who can’t understand that she is not really his girlfriend. Can you still make money being a porn star? I know that it is not only escorts who dream of becoming porn stars, but many other girls do as well.

However, I would say that people in the adult industry are a little bit better equipped when it comes to working in the porn movie industry. They know how to stay safe, and how to handle some of the situations which may occur. For instance, there are a lot of porn movie producers who would like you not to practice safe sex on screen. That simply is not on. Stripping is another part of the adult industry where you can make a lot of money. A couple of the girls that I have known throughout my London escorts career, used to be strippers before they became London escorts. You can make a lot of money, but when someone ask for extras, they may not be asking for a few extra dance steps, so it is important to remember that. If you work for a strip club, it could be a good idea to take a taxi home.

You never know when a keen “fan” will be waiting for you. Should bikini modelling be considered an adult service? It is not really but I know a couple of London escorts who have been involved in the business, and they say that sometimes you get asked to model all sorts of stuff. I am sure that happens and I think that you need to pay attention to your personal integrity. If you are not careful, your photo may end up in the wrong publication. Read your contract carefully, and make sure that your photos end up end in the sort of publications you would like to be associated with during your career. There are other jobs that you should consider in the adult industry. Many cam girls are making a name for themselves and that is a really good job that you can do from home.

However, you need to make sure that you don’t give away any personal details. I know that it is easy to say that. But it can be tempting at times. One girl at London escorts worked as a cam girl for a little while, and I have to be honest, she did get herself into a little bit of trouble when one of her “viewers” wanted to take her out. I don’t think that she will be doing that again.

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